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Vendor Spotlight - Burstenhaus Redecker

Posted on 11th Dec 2019

Sustainability is nothing new for the Redecker brand. They have been making high quality eco friendly household items since 1935. Each product is created with a keen eye for design without sacrificing functionality. The fact that the horsehair brush or ostrich feather duster doesn’t need to be hidden away in the closet is simply a bonus.

Our favorite items we can’t live without

Ostrich Feather Duster

Yes, these really work. No need for toxic cleaning sprays, just simply put on the Amelie soundtrack and get after your collection of glass trinkets. The feather duster is light enough not to knock over your precious collectibles while effortlessly collecting dust along the way.

Horsehair Broom and Dustpan

Messes are inevitable, why not make cleanup a little more elegant with a truly beautiful and well made piece?

Redecker Dish Brush

The shape of this brush makes it incredibly effective to scrub dishes, cast iron, bottles and just about anything you can think of. Plus it’s entirely biodegradable and looks way cuter than the green sponge on a plastic stick monstrosity of years past.

Kitchen Everyday Cloth

This isn’t just your basic kitchen cloth. It is ridiculously absorbent, has such a thick nice hand feel and is just simple and minimal in its' design. It washes beautifully and never holds onto stains.

Copper Scrubber

These scrubbers last forever, are super simple to clean and don’t scratch delicate dishes and glassware while still being tough enough for cast iron. When you finally wear them out you can feel good about the fact that they are 100% recyclable.

Cobweb Broom

The adjustable head and coarse horsehair bristles make this a great option for those dusty cobweb-y corners and ceiling fans. Plus it’s got a little sense of humor and whimsy that we love!

Photos from Annie Hodgkins

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