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Someday's Picnic Essentials

Posted on 23rd May 2022

Warm sunny days are here! Whether you’re gathering with friends or picnicking solo, in the backyard or traveling far, bringing along a few special items will surely elevate your experience.

Brightland Olive Oil

A pantry staple at Someday, Brightland’s olive oils are perfect for adding vibrant flavor to salads, dips, dressings, and baked goods.

Sardel Balsamic Vinegar

This quickly became our favorite balsamic vinegar and for good reason: Sardel’s partners in Modena, Italy have been perfecting their craft for generations in a region that has been producing balsamic vinegar for nearly 1000 years. Made without the use of preservatives or additives, this is an incredibly delicious addition to your pantry and picnic basket.

Strawberry & Basil Cocktail/Mocktail Mixer

We love this mixer for its use of all natural ingredients and surprisingly sophisticated tasting notes. It pairs beautifully with gin for a refreshing summer cocktail, and makes fantastic mocktails when added to seltzer and lemonade.

Plum & Rose Jam

The bright, floral fruity flavor of this jam is fabulous paired with cheese, and really shines when slathered atop a slice of fresh Sub Rosa bread with some salted butter.

Olive Tapenade & Crackers

If you don’t have much time, or desire, to prep very much, a box of artisanal crackers and olive tapenade is just the answer.

Pommery Meaux Mustard

Sometimes all it takes to make a simple sandwich sing is fancy condiments, and this French mustard will surely do the trick with its robust grain and slightly nutty flavor. Plus, it travels well in its petite ceramic crock and looks pretty darn cute on a picnic blanket.

Ami Ami Spicy Dukkah

We may be a little obsessed with this smoky, umami filled dukkah. Sprinkle it on a green salad to add texture or atop homemade hummus for some added crunch and flavor depth.

Suar Wood Snack Board

This snack board fits easily in a bag or picnic basket and will make you feel like you’re adulting when used whilst snacking al fresco.

Laguiole Ivory Cheese Knife

France’s Laguiole area has given its name to the world’s best, most beautiful cutlery and this cheese knife is no exception. Made of stainless steel with an acrylic handle, it’s an elegant way to make your picnic real classy.

Everyday Cloths

These 100% cotton cloths are great for cleaning up any messes, using as napkins, and whatever else may come your way.

Picardie Glasses

For backyard and porch soirees, we love these classic French glasses for their durability and versatility. 

French Market Backpack

We couldn’t think of a cuter way to transport your picnicking delights than in this woven palm leaf and leather backpack. Sling it over your shoulders and find that perfect spot to lay your blanket!

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