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Someday's Essential Low Maintenance House Plants

Posted on 3rd May 2019

Here at The Someday Shop, we’ve fully committed to the houseplant craze, and who could blame us? Houseplants bring a sense of vitality, warmth and life to any interior. The idea of bringing the outdoors in is nothing new, but has seen an enthusiastic resurgence in the past few years and we are fully on board. For anyone looking to get a start, we’ve got a few fool proof varieties that we just can’t live without.

Split Leaf Fern – Monstera Deliciousa

The Monstera is instantly recognizable with its large hole-laced leaves and reaching stems. While this plant is native to the jungles of Mexico, Panama and India, can reach to more than 30 feet high and even produce fruit in the right conditions, it is perfectly at home in your dimly lit Richmond apartment. A good watering and a bit of indirect light will keep this plant producing new leaves and making a beautiful green statement in your home.

Pothos - Epipremnum aureum

Who hasn’t neglected a resilient and forgiving pothos at some point in their life? The pothos, with its diverse varieties and impressive ability to stand up to even the toughest conditions, has earned itself a permanent place in our plant collection. We love the rarer silver satin pothos with its slightly blue tinted leaves, but would never refuse our old friend, the more common golden pothos.

Staghorn Fern - Platycerium

The slightly fuzzy, Antler-like fronds give the Staghorn its common name. We love this plant mounted to give your walls a little dimension. The staghorn prefers to stay fairly moist and will thrive in bright shade. We love using a glass spray bottle between heavy waterings to keep the plant hydrated.

Snake plant – Sanseveria

Sanseveria is one of the true workhorses of the indoor plant community. Their pointed leaves and bold color provide a modern look for any interior while standing up to just about any condition. The Sanseveria thrives in fairly bright light and prefers to fully dry between waterings.

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