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Ranger Station Candle

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Ranger Station premium soy candles are hand-poured in Nashville, Tennessee into perfectly-weighted cocktails glasses - designed to be both reusable and collectable. Each candle comes with a well paired cocktail recipe to enjoy once the candle is burned through. Ranger Station is committed to using ingredients that are both safe for you and for the environment. This means that they use all natural materials when they can, but if an ingredient is toxic or cannot be sustainably sourced, they use the synthetic alternative which is safe and sustainable.

Neroli and Cedar - The bold, but delicate balance of mandarin, petitgrain, and tuberose evokes a vibrant image of ripe citrus warmed by the golden sun.

Santalum - Smoking sandalwood and supple tanned leather combine with the slight spice of cardamom for Ranger Jon's favorite scent to date.

8 oz

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