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Petite French Soap

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Marseille soap has been produced in France for over 600 years and is treasured for its purity and quality. Made with natural oils, seawater, ash, and lye, Marseille soap is all natural and extremely gentle, making it an excellent choice for use on any skin type without worries of allergens. Stamped with iconic markings that are protected by French law.

Patchouli: A rich, musky, and uplifting scented soap that can be used to treat inflammation, abrasions, and skin allergies, patchouli is also packed full of powerful antioxidants that help skin repair and regenerate itself.

Donkey Milk: Packed with natural sugars that lend to a creamy, rich, and bubbly lather, donkey milk soap is purported to stimulate cell regeneration, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sooth inflammation caused by acne and eczema as well as moisturize dehydrated skin.

Rose: Blushing with floral notes and tinged with summer sweetness, this soap lathers into a velvety foam that leaves skin petal-soft.

3.5 oz. 1 7/8" cube

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