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Morito Chocolates

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Morito is a female-owned Brooklyn chocolatier that handcrafts chocolate that captures the essence of natural and simple ingredients freshly ground in every batch to create delicious chocolates with a rich and creamy filling. They’re vegan, organic, gluten-free, and out of this world delicious. Their cacao is from Oke-Caribe, a co-op located in the village of Pimentel, in the Dominican Republic, and is purchased through a third party vendor that practices a values-driven sourcing model by buying cacao directly from cooperatives and grower organizations. By cutting out the middleman in the conventional supply chain, they can ensure more revenue goes to the growers.

Hazelnut: Creamy, nutty, roasted, warm caramel. House-made hazelnut butter blended with roasted cacao nibs for a creamy filling, and covered in 70% dark chocolate. Ingredients: cacao nibs, cacao butter, hazelnuts, and sugar cane.

1.5 oz box of four chocolate sticks

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