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Brightland Olive Oil

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Brightland makes delicious, authentic olive oils that are never rotten, overprocessed, or fraudulent. With absolutely no fillers or artificial preservatives, they carefully source their olives from a family-run California farm, then craft them into custom-blended oils. Their sole ingredient comes from trees that live on for thousands of years, so you can rest assured that what you're putting into your body is straight from the earth. It's olive oil is hand-harvested and cold-pressed by a master miller within 90 minutes of harvest. Brightland's rigorous standards mean tastier, healthier oils that aim for each bite to leave you shining a little brighter.

AWAKE: An elevated cooking oil made with California Arbequina olives. Tasting notes: herbaceous, green, grassy, artichoke, complex. Enjoy with homemade soups and stews, hearty pastas, warm bread, baked potatoes, roast chicken, roasted veggies, fried eggs, and crispy potatoes.

ALIVE: A superb finishing oil made with California Arbequina and Arbosana olives. Tasting notes: nutty, green tomato, green pear, smooth. Enjoy with spinach and arugula salads, kales and greens, dressings and marinades, hummus, baked goods, and drizzled on sorbet or chocolate.

LUCID: A 100% lemon olive oil blended with lemon and heirloom Frantoio olives. Tasting notes: citrus, zesty, luminous, smooth. Enjoy with mashed potatoes, turkey, roasted vegetables, muffins, pasta, greens, salad, and in cocktails.

ROSETTE: A 100% garlic olive oil made for plush and sumptuous fare, lovingly blended with garlic and heirloom Frantoio olives. Tasting notes: zesty, strong and rounded, with pungent smoothness. Enjoy with pasta, pizza, noodles, eggs, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, bread, and roasted vegetables.

All olive oils come in 374mL / 12.7oz glass bottles that have been UV-powder coated to protect the oils from damaging light.

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